German Shepherd Basics

German Shepherd History

German Shepherd
German Shepherd with stick

Hardly any breed has gotten such worldwide popularity as the German Shepherd. The success story of the German Shepherd begins, as the name suggests, on German soil. The dogs were used for the herding and driving of herds, but they also guarded life and the possessions of their owners. The breed is now rarely used as a shepherd, but it is very much coveted worldwide as being a service dog. The nerve-strong and robust four-legged animal is used as a versatile working dog and is used in numerous fields such as military and the police for its desirable traits in obedience, agility, tracking, searching and as a protection dog.

The German Shepherd is a medium sized dog, and the coat consists of a top coat and undercoat. The top coat is black with tan, brown or yellow signs. The undercoat being solid black, gray, gray with darker tinge and primarily a black saddle and face. This dog requires regular brushing and combing. Male height is about 60-65 cm, height females 55-60 cm. Males weight 30-40 kg female weight 22-32 kg

German Shepherd training
German Shepherd service dog

Active families will appreciate these dogs and love the wise and faithful guard dog as a four-legged family member, but if you are thinking of buying a Shepherd, you should carefully consider the needs and characteristics of the breed, beginners are often discouraged as It is a very demanding.


Breed Behavior

The German Shepherd is known for his virtues such as loyalty, reliability, endurance, and courage. He is very willing to work and is intelligent and suitable for almost every task he is assigned. If he is not busy, he will find himself a job. This task may be considered good or bad behavior to the owner.

The German Shepherd lives for his family and is highly protective and attentive. He is usually neutral, but vigilant with well-known people, he is very affectionate.

German Shepherd Care

The German Shepherd is a working dog, and should be treated as one accordingly. A well-behaved and busy Shepherd makes an excellent family dog and is also compatible with other pets.

German Shepherd
German Shepherd playing

Because the drive and the workload are very dependent on the breed, it is important to find the suitable breeder. A shepherd is no means satisfied with short laps around the block and needs a lot of exercise compared to smaller dogs. The German Shepherd is interested in any form of training thus, training is not difficult, but is a necessity by its self-awareness and drive.

German shepherds also have common health problems, especially joint deformations, very important to choose the breeder carefully. In addition to being used in sports, it is also highly advisable to check with a veterinarian regularly whether joint diseases are present.