Keeping healthy with your dog

By far the most common new year’s resolution would be to “get in shape” or “exercise more.” A walk with your dog can provide excellent exercise, and it will be more fun with the company. Below are some tips to get active with your pet



Keep a faster pace than a usual walk. Feel free to go off-road, so you both have to lift your feet firmly, exercise your balance and activate more small muscles. Go up steep slopes and walking in forests and fields require a greater effort both for you and your dog.


Walking with extra weight:

As you walk, you can add additional weight, you can start using a rugby bag, and then you can slowly add more weight.



If you like running, why not bring the dog at the same time? After a little practice, the dog learns to run next to you in without pulling or stopping suddenly. However, keep in mind that you should gradually train your dog’s fitness before heading to the longer runs.


Drag Training:

Something that has become very popular in recent years is to pull objects, with a custom harness for the dog and a customized seat belt for the owner as well as an expanded line you can run together. Drag training can be a great experience with your dog and build trust with each other.


Interval training on the slopes:

Bring your dog up of a steep hill and place either a favorite toy or candy. Go with your dog down the hill again, and on a given signal you’ll both run up the hill for the “prize” waiting at the top.


Exercise on outdoor equipment:

Bring your dog on a walk to a playground or an outdoor weight training area and exercise with your dog on the equipment.


Long-skating skiing:

Do you like skiing in the winter? There are activities where it’s great to take your dog on. However, you should ensure that the dog has already built up a good condition first, so take it easy first. If you are skating on lakes ensure that you have the right safety equipment at your disposal. Also keeping in mind that all tracked loops do not allow dogs in the tracks.



Biking can often be a good activity where you can take your dog, some exercise is required so you can be sure that the dog does not suddenly stop to smell something that smells good. It is important not to ride on the too hard ground, as it may cause damage to your dog’s paws. Therefore, cycle on softer trails and adjust your speed to the dog.